The Golf Course

With 3 different 6-hole layouts, our golf course has something for almost every golfer

The Robe Golf Club is unique in the world of golf in that the course consists of three very distinct loops of six holes. Because of this we can market a greater range of play options than most clubs.

You can choose to play either 6, 12 or 18 holes depending on your available time, fitness or skill level.

HOLES 1 – 6

“Ocean Six”

Holes 1 to 6 were built through the 1980’s and 1990’s on undulating land leading away from the Clubhouse working their way towards the ocean and lighthouse then back again.

Skill Level:  Moderate

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HOLES 7 – 12

“Dunes Six”

Holes 7 to 12 are the newest addition to the Robe Golf Club and were opened in November 2019. These holes, professionally designed by Neil Crafter, make the most of the natural sand dune terrain and provide a golfing challenge equal to many of the best holes in world golf. Several of these holes provide spectacular views of the wild ocean off West Beach as well as the town and Guichen Bay.

Skill Level:  Moderate to High​

HOLES 13 – 18

“Town Six”

This is the original part of the course dating back to the Clubs beginning in 1924. Typical of the era, several of the holes run parallel to each other divided by a row of trees and bushes. Whilst on first appearance they appear to be easy, the small greens can catch you unaware and lead to dropped shots.

Skill Level:  Low to Moderate

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